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    Since 80 years ago .

    This was the post card from our funder , informing the “startup”

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    We let the results speak for themselves.


    Years in private banking and financial services


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    Billion in Assets Under Management

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    We are eager to help you , for security and comfort , all our branches charter clients and visitors by Appointment Only.

    Geneve, CH

    Head Offices

    Our Geneva office , close to  the Lac Lyman, is the gateway to success and investments

    New York, US

    Americas Branch

    Is not only the city , that never sleeps, here dream flourish or plummet, for sure a place to be .

    Dubai, UAE

    EMEA Branch

    Dubai has become in the last few decades? In the middle of the 20th century, the city (and its home country, the United Arab Emirates), relied mostly on trade, but the discovery of oil reserves helped them skyrocket into prosperity.

    Singapore , SG

    Asian & Pacific Branch

    Is not only , modern and sophisticated, an economical example.

    Tel Aviv , IL

    CIS Branch

    The Silicon Valley of the Middle East

    Toronto , CA

    Treasury & Funds Management

    Tolerant and stable, full of opportunities

  • Our services

    We proud ourself to offer tailored solutions

    Asset optimization

    Nothing more real , than real estate

    Wealth Management real estate asset managers are experienced in asset and property management for residential, commercial, agricultural, timber, vacant, and development properties. Our goal is to optimize your portfolio’s potential while addressing the specific risks and challenges of real estate management.


    Growing without pains

    Whether you want to sell your business outright, transition to the next generation, or have your current employees take ownership, our team can help. We provide you and your professionals with access to highly-specialized business advisory and valuation services.


    Calm and refreshing

    Your income may fluctuate substantially during the year due to the timing of dividends, sales commissions, partnership distributions, or other periodic sources of income. Appropriate use of credit strategies can help smooth out your cash flow. Obtaining access to funds can help you maintain liquidity and meet financial commitments without depleting your cash reserves.


    Because drama is just good on TV

    We offer multigenerational and dynasty trust planning and administration. We also can act as executor or trustee for your estate documents, should you need an impartial, objective party to serve in that capacity.

    Convenience, not lifestyle

    They ain’t vanity, we understand

    Whether you need a loan, line of credit, a customized credit solution for commercial real estate, or specialized financing for aircraft, a life insurance premium, or fine art purchases, you can depend on your team of specialists to provide options to meet your borrowing needs.


    Debt Optimization

    Interested in borrowing without selling assets? Strategic borrowing, when used appropriately, can benefit you if you have significant assets that are illiquid. If you want to manage a tax liability, have a concentrated stock position, or if you simply want access to funds while retaining assets, a carefully structured loan can be an effective financial tool.

    Citizen of the world

    For the global nomad in you.

    We provide experienced and customized asset management in multiple jurisdictions for international clients. Together, we can develop a plan to help you preserve your assets, potentially reduce risk and taxes, and maintain your privacy.

    When everything count

    An extra set of eyes

    Let our specialists help you navigate the complexity of managing oil, gas and mineral assets in fast-changing market conditions. Services include lease negotiation, cash flow management, and monitoring contracts.

  • Evolving

    By keeping our values, we succeed

    My family founded this institution in order to facilitate commerce and preserve wealth .

    Our tools have became sophisticated, but our values , guide us to endure, delivering profitability successfully during 8 decades to our clients


    Only hate is unwelcome

    Our institution, sponsor art , sport and science, In a diverse and respectful approach.

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